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The reason why: creating value for your customers

"Why"? Little children ask this all the time. It's normal behavior to us. And we try to answer. But we sometimes forget that more and more often, consumers ask this question as well, to themselves! "Why should I buy this product? Why should I recommend this brand to my friends and followers on social media?" The answer lies in creating value for your clients by differentiating yourself from the competition. However, finding and creating your brand's reason for existence is not always that simple. So why not give this process a helping hand?

That is where the reason why comes in. We force you to find the essence of your brand and to focus on delivering value for your clients. On a project level, it structures your approach and global overview without neglecting the details. On a people management level, the reason why creates an environment in which your team can perform better and in which team satisfaction increases. Also, it's fun to have the reason why as a temporary addition to your team.

How does it work? By implementing SCRUM principles, the reason why enhances your team's performance. By focusing on short feedback cycles and continuous improvement, your team will not only increase its delivered output, team satisfaction and ownership will also rise.

Areas in which the reason why can add value:

  • Project management of customer-facing IT-related projects (development of apps, websites,…)
  • Management of traditional marketing campaigns (project management from concept to execution: tv and radio ads, social media campaigns,…)

Are you interested to see what the reason why can do for your company? Would you like to pick our brains? Send an e-mail to or call +32 476 53 79 55.

After all, like any other company, yours also has a unique value for your clients. You just have to find the reason why.

The reason why is owned by Lien Van den Broeck, a thirty-something marketing professional with a degree in psychology and business communication. Lien started her career as a communications consultant at a Brussels agency and worked for clients such as Henkel, Mars and Coca-Cola. In 2013, she joined the marketing department of Record Bank and was part of the team that launched several nationwide marketing campaigns, like the Get This Car app. While working closely together with internal and external IT departments to develop customer-facing applications (such as an app and an online platform for entrepreneurs), Lien became interested in agile thinking. In December 2016, Lien decided to take a leap of faith and to start her own company, the reason why. Her interest in agile continued to grow and in 2018 Lien became a certified SCRUM Master, to further help her clients enhance their team's performance and deliver value for their customers.

Lien is a results-oriented, focused and creative marketing professional who firmly believes that a successful campaign always begins with a clear answer to the question “Why?”

She happily lives in Dendermonde with her husband (who, by the way, does awesome stuff at and their three cats. Yes, you read that right. THREE.

Find out more about Lien on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn or pick her brain at

And no, the cats are not on social media. Yet.

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