The reason why was founded in 2017 by Lien Van den Broeck and is part of Code Breakers, an IT development company founded by Jan Pannecoeck, Lien's husband. Lien started her career in marketing and communications and worked for a communications agency, Record Bank, Napoleon Games, BNP Paribas Fortis,...but refocused to agile coaching and help companies to improve their company culture. With Code Breakers and The reason why, Lien and Jan want to set themselves apart from the traditional consulting companies.They live together with their 3 cats in Dendermonde and are constantly renovating their house. Both Lien and Jan are firm believers in a healthy lifestyle and are part of a team that participates in the Roparun. They also participated (and finished) the Dodentocht several times. To clear her mind, Lien likes reading (Stephen King for the win!) and making long hikes. She never says no to good food, wine and (local) beer.

With The reason why, Lien wants to go back to the essence. "Why" is what drives humanity to the brink of new discoveries and it should be the driving question in companies. When having a clear, motivating answer to the question "why", employees will be more engaged, take more initiative, and results will thrive. Even in times of big transformations.

Certified Scrum Professional - Scrum Master
Certified Scrum Product Ownerr
Less Certified Practitioner
SAFe Scrum Master
Certified Agile Leadership Credential
Certified Scrum Master
Less Certified Practitioner
Agile Coach


With The reason why we want to do things differently. Not just selling at any cost without having added value. There are other companies out there who can help you with that. It is The reason why's dream to create a workplace that realizes people’s full potential, either for our own team and for our clients.


At The reason why, we have 6 values that we live and breathe by. Values that will help us realize our mission and vision and that we promote when we are working with a client. Values that we expect to see in all of our team members:

Client centricity

Every company that respects itself has this in its values. For us, it means that we really put our clients’ interests up front. Even if it means turning down assignments because we think we are not the best fit.


We are very clear in what you can and cannot expect from us, both for our clients and our team. We play no political games and we believe that being transparent can push a project and company forward.


Yes, it is our goal to grow and to make a profit. But not by quickly rushing through projects. Or by hiring team members in good times and then firing them at the first sign of bad times. No, we believe in creating value for our society and economy and thus maintaining an organic, sustainable growth.


For us, this is one of the factors that decides whether we want to work with a client or not. We also firmly believe that the people we hire are capable of doing their job without us telling them how to do it.


We are ourselves. That means no management consultants who sell a lot of MB (management bullshit), but concrete actions to help you. And common sense, that too.


Unlike the big consultancy firms, it is not our goal to place as many consultants as possible at your company. Quite the opposite: we think it is important you build on your own internal knowledge. We do want to help you with specific projects, for a specified amount of time. After that time, we decide together: do we still both benefit from a collaboration, or is it time to say goodbye?